AoFA HSE franchise scheme - New Dates

AoFA HSE franchise scheme - New Dates

By AoFA - 11 August 2009

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Subject: AoFA offers non HSE approved training providers - a 'Franchise' facility to avoid the high cost of approvals

Not HSE Approved? - Don't Worry!

The forthcoming HSE changes will have a large impact on First Aid Training Providers especially if you are not currently HSE approved.

From 1st October only HSE approved training providers will be able to run both the First Aid at Work and the one day Emergency First Aid at Work  (aka Appointed Persons)  course.
There is an obvious benefit to offer both first aid courses, however If you only wish to run the EFAW course you could get approved by a QCA awarding body. Although both these methods are expensive between 600 and 1,500+ there is a low cost alternative at just 100 pounds!

Association of First Aiders (AoFA). HSE Approval 'Franchise' Associate scheme.
HSE or QCA approval will be difficult for a lot of existing training providers either due to costs or business structure. To assist these training providers, the AoFA are setting up a 'Franchise' Associate scheme where HSE courses can be run under our HSE approval umbrella. This will not only save time and money but offer many additional benefits.

The following is a brief overview of the benefits of our Associate system:
  • You will be able to run both the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and the First Aid at Work (FAW) qualification without having to be HSE or QCA approved.
  • You will be able to run a full range of other courses from AED to Paediatric first aid under the AoFA Associate scheme.
  • Your customer will view the AoFA as an endorsement of quality, not as the training provider.
  • The AoFA will issue full Quality Assurance manuals, PowerPoint presentations, Course outlines, trainee materials and carry out monitoring and approval visits.
  • The AoFA will assist in marketing and in the supply of professional marketing and presentation materials.
  • You will be approved and monitored by the Association of First Aiders (AoFA) - the UK's largest and most progressive first aid association.
  • All trainee certificates will clearly identify you as the training provider including your logo.  This clear identification safeguards your client relationship; most third party certificates imply the issuing body as the training provider causing confusion in the eyes of your client resulting in the potential loss of your customer. The AoFA name and logo on certificates are viewed as a quality mark by your clients, not as the training provider.
  • As a marketing advantage, all trainees can have free membership to the AoFA (worth 10)
    Optional First Aid, Good Samaritan insurance can be issued to all trainees at a cost of just 6 per person.
  • Full, online Training provider management system allowing online booking and monitoring.
    Promotion on the First Aid Cafe web site, the UK's number one, independent first aid web site.
  • National Client Scheme - We get YOU business!
  • Certificate costs are typically 5 for one day courses and 10 for the FAW course.
  • Accompanying full colour trainee books are available at 1.40 and 2.90 per trainee. Trainee packs, marketing materials are available at cost.
Associate Seminars:

After our over subcribed June, Sept and Oct Seminars, we are pleased to announce a further seminar date:
  • Kettering Conference Centre - Saturday 17th April

Note: If you are attending UK's largest conference; First Aid Forward' the 'Franchise' seminar is held the following day at the same venue -  see: for details.

Associate Seminar Costs:
Registration costs just 200  for the Affiliate seminar, which includes 100* worth of free trainee certificates for use on your first course.  In this way, we keep your costs low and filter attendees to those with a serious interest in our scheme. Note: The 200 registration fee is per company with includes one attendee. Further attendees from the same company are charged at 60 per person.
To become part of the AoFA Affiliate scheme, you will need an up to date Training Portfolio and experience in training first aid (we will advise on this as required.)

When attending the seminar, if possible, please bring your Laptop computer (not mandatory)

Note: If you are not currently a member of the AoFA, please join by visiting AoFA membership is required at the 'Training Provider' level.

* terms apply.


Please phone AoFA on 01908 610093. Please register ASAP as spaces are limited - Credit / Debit Cards welcome.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email or phone David Arnold on 01908 610093.

Certain email programs incorrectly reproduce the pound symbol, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

24 Thomas Drive
Newport Pagnell
Bucks MK16 8TH
Tel: 01908 610093

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